Introductions to Copenhagen

It started on a plane from London to Mallorca while talking to a couple of Danish tennis players. I remember strongly believing that Danish was an odd language and that the people who spoke it were friendly and good humoured. It was close to a month later that I would first set foot in Denmark and feel completely swept away…

I can see where the fairytales come from. The micro-universes found in the gardens, in tiny pockets of flowers that spring up in the most unlikely of places and in the breeze, well wind-gusts that constantly traverse the city. It is truly poetic and I absolutely fell in love with the city, the bicycles and the people.

Copenhagen is a quiet place. Where I am from, Sydney, there is always some chaos. The city roars at you and for the memorable past there has always been some degree of chaotic construction taking place. The buildings are high, the weather a little wild when it’s having  bad day, and the air of peak-hour Sydney polluted and heavy. Also there is a tendency to complain and bring out the not-so-good as I have just done. Not the most tranquil surrounds. Denmark is a whole world away from this. It quite simply and utterly is and stands proud for being so. The land, the city and the people who traverse it reflect this value in the most wonderful ways. No one appologizes for who they are – for expressing themselves and daring to be, yet everyone I met was kind and happy to share wonderful stories.

I met the most wonderful travellers here, many from Australia, who I explored the city with and ventured north the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. This is a really special place and one where the gardens and inside of the museum flow seamlessly from one to the other. I am completely in love with this place!

Copenhagen is wonderful, and somewhere I hope to return to soon.


Baltic Sea crossing from Hamburg to Copenhagen
Life inside the Royal Botanical Gardens

The journey to Copenhagen – views of Nyhavn – the wonderful gardens that fill this city

Copenhagen; 2016

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