Christmas in Stockholm

Sweden was such a wonderful place to be for Christmas. The streets felt like they were singing as light flooded through from cozy houses onto the bustle of Stockholm’s streets and markets.

I had visited Stockholm once prior to this at the very beginning of winter. There was such a difference in seeing the city lit up and full of festivities during the evenings. Although the days were short, the nights had such a wonderful glow from the decorations and Christmas spirit flooding the city. The smell of cardamon buns swept through the streets as we hunted for spots to share cake in the glow of winter.


The home that I spent Christmas in was full of cheerful songs for the festive season and I learnt a little Swedish in the process of singing (have since brushed up much more in preparation for mid-summer). I learnt about wonderful traditions that were so new to me! The Christmas traditions in Australia are so varied because of the melding pot of culture that the continent has so beautifully become. Having an experience of Christmas during the winter with cozy decorations, mulled wine and foods that warm you up was such a wonderful way to close 2017 and begin a new year.

The Scandinavian cities are all so different and to experience Stockholm in a way that felt welcoming and inviting to the traditions was a wonderful way to feel even more at home in this wonderful part of the world.


Stockholm, Sweden – December 2017

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