Workflow and the creative state

The sustainability of internal wellbeing and how this effects our creative output. This article is a long one and broken down into 5 digestible sections (recommended to accompany tea or other beverage of choice). These are all integral to a sustainable workflow and appear as follows: Productivity | Concentration | Sleep | Mindfulness | Reliability [...]

Love thyself

Our body and mind are precious, yet so often throughout our days we forget that we even have a body. We become a floating head, a brain walking around on sticks of bone and muscle until we are eventually tired and irritated for “no good reason”. Posture and breathing So much of our life is [...]

Winter in Copenhagen

I understand why the shoes come off inside now. An armour is just the beginning of what you need to survive the ongoing oppression of a bad winter in Copenhagen. The rain is enough to drive you indoors and the gloom of day turning over to night in the blink of an eye leaves little [...]

Lessons on hygge

What is hygge and why is it important? This Scandinavian word has become somewhat of a legendary myth in contemporary society, in connection to the often-fantasised collective of the “happiest countries in the world”. It’s a word that’s hot on trending scales yet seldom understood as being more than owning some nice furniture, cozy blankets [...]