Christmas in Stockholm

Sweden was such a wonderful place to be for Christmas. The streets felt like they were singing as light flooded through from cozy houses onto the bustle of Stockholm's streets and markets. I had visited Stockholm once prior to this at the very beginning of winter. There was such a difference in seeing the city [...]

Oslo in the fall

It's funny when you meet friends out of context. For all of my travels to Europe I have met people who have some element of the past in common. It is always strange to see them living in Europe and it also gives me a great deal of hope that if it makes sense to [...]

Sweden in September

In September I spent a wonderful weekend away to visit friends at their home in Stockholm. My experience of Sweden so far has been only Stockholm and what a beautiful city this is! I felt so welcomed into a new culture and even under the September clouds it was so nice to walk around outside [...]

Welcome to Denmark

I completely fell in love with Copenhagen when visiting last year in July. There was something about it that just felt like home and this pull to a place and its culture was something I have not experienced before. In August I moved to Copenhagen to study music and ever since arriving each day has [...]