Return to Hamburg

In 2016 I completely fell in love with this city – it sings a hum and rhythm that is like hundreds of tiny villages combined. The food is wonderful, the people are friendly and the nature is stunning.

Last year, my friend and I had dreamed up an idea and in March 2017 I flew back to Hamburg to make our dream a living reality. We had conjured a piece for the Young Choreographers series of the Hamburg Ballet centring around ideas of distance and separation as both time and space.

This time together on a work that was so close to both of our hearts was a reminder of the power of true friendship. No matter how much time we spend away, wherever we are on this beautiful earth, the process of coming back together to share tea and good conversation is something that makes time feel irrelevant. What becomes important are the ideas and the collective space that we are able to create and this is truly something that makes an impression on travel, places and time. These hyggeligt moments are everything and I am so grateful to have such wonderful people to share them with.

It was so much work and oh so worthwhile. Cozy conversations, creating art and exploring a new city in the sun (as well as running around in the rain during rehearsal breaks)… such bliss!


Return to Hamburg, this wonderful city and friendly faces: March 2017

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